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Iowan Hard Enduro

Race Planning

Location & Registration

  • Race Day: May 21st & 22nd, 2022
  • Location: 41324 82nd St, Spragueville, IA 52074 (Click HERE for Directions)
  • Pre-Registration: LINK
    • Opens: April 22nd at 7pm CST
    • Closes: May 20th at midnight or when the event fills


  • Primitive Camping Available Friday – Monday at no added cost
  • No open campfires
  • Parking area is large, open, and flat.


  • Gate Fee: $10/person — 10 & under free
  • Amateur Registration: $65
  • Pro Registration: $100

Classes – *** 300 Rider Limit ***

  • Pro Men – $3,500 Purse Min
  • Pro Women – $1,000 Purse Min
    • Note: Pro Women’s primary race is Saturday during the Amateur event. Riders will line up in front of Open A.
  • A-Class
  • B-Class
  • C-Class
  • +45
  • Jr (12 – 15)
  • Amateur Women
  • Trials


  • Friday May 20th: Gates Open at 4PM. Camping is available at no added cost. No riding allowed
  • Saturday May 21st:
    • Gates Open at 6AM
    • Registration and packet pickup: 7AM to 11:00AM
    • 12PM to 3PM: Pro Women & Amateur Race (3hrs)
      • Start rows of 10. Rows determined by Class and registration time
      • Red SRT Arrows Only
      • Top-30 overall invited to Pro hot lap and Sunday
    • 4PM: Pro Hot Lap
      • One rider every 30sec. Start determined by 2021 results and registration time.
      • Determines start position for Sunday’s race
    • 5PM: Trophy Presentation
  • Sunday May 22nd:
    • Gates Open at 6AM
    • Registration and packet pickup: 7AM to 9:00AM
    • 10AM to 2PM: Pro Men’s Race (4hrs)
      • Start rows of 10 (normalized time). Rows determined by placement in hotlap
      • Red SRT Arrows and Orange Kenda Arrows
    • 3:30PM: Pro Trophy Presentation


  • We are following the AMA’s extreme off-road rules
  • Absolutely no outside assistance for either the amateur event or pro event.
  • Refund Policy – Refunds will be given if the race is cancelled. Refunds can be requested if the race is postponed to a different date. There are no refunds if you sign up and decide not to race.
  • Protesting – There will be a protest period after each race for 30min.
  • Cheating – Absolutely no cheating will be tolerated. If you are reporting cheating, you need to have evidence (video). Once reviewed and confirmed that rider will be notified and removed from the results.
  • No pit racing. All pit vehicles must be driven/ridden <10mph. SXSs and 4-wheelers are only allowed Saturday & Sunday and only to be used when going to/from spectator points. Speeds outside of racing must be <10mph. Failure to follow these rules will result in you parking your vehicle or being asked to leave. It is not a play riding day.

DO’s and DON’TS:

  • Do NOT make any alterations to the trail. If you feel something needs to be changed, please reach out to event staff to discuss. 
  • If you are on site prior to the race, do NOT ride the extreme sections/trails. This includes the straight rhythm endurocross being built. 
  • Do NOT cut the course during the event. We have a number of trail minders to ensure everyone enjoys the proper trail. The last thing we want to do is disqualify someone for cheating. 
  • DO change your thought process for the race. You will likely be off your bike at multiple points of each race. We utilize an enduro start to mitigate bottlenecks as much as possible, but they are still inevitable with this type of race. The people stuck around you are your best friends in these situations. Get off your bike and start dragging one another through as needed.  
  • DO be respectful of the riders around you. You very well may be getting lapped during the race. Be observant of your surroundings and make room as needed for riders lapping you. 
  • DO be respectful of the land. If you pack it in, you pack it out. You will also be given a trash bag at the gate.
  • DO be respectful to the staff (AMA & Iowan) 
  • DO be patient with scoring.
  • Lastly, DO have fun. For the 99% of us, this sport is purely masochistic fun. 

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